Monday, September 7, 2009

When the Recession Became Fashionable

BCBGMaxazria sends out about 1-5 e-mails a day I swear. They offer deals such as free shipping, and 30% off when you purchase online. These deals end up at 50-70% off eventually. They are REALLY struggling with this lagging economy.

Yet today, I get an e-mail telling me to rejoice:
"Recessionistas rejoice! Take an additional 30% all sale merchandise."

Since when did the recession become stylish? Suddenly, being fashionable means being frugal and somehow wearing that Louis bag just isn't cutting it anymore. Its not about brand or how we look, its how much we spend.

Recessionista Manifesto of Fashionistas:
We are anti-big business, anti-corporation, we don't live the lives of men who exploit the system. We live in the Salvation Armies and Goodwills of the world and you will always find us on the sale racks of once expensive designers. Moschino Cheap and Chic just isn't cheap enough! We are the real recessionistas and we'll kick your ass in the sale rack at TJ Maxx soon.

Ha. Oh I love my antics.


Let's go back to a prehistoric era of Wilma Flintstone, to days of simplicity. Flash forward to a recession era. To a time where things are slow again. To a time where we must be frugal.

BUT DON'T WANNA BE! So here you go, Moschino Cheap and Chic's pearl-neck dress. All yours for only $995!

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